In today’s highly competitive corporate world, Great leadership is more than managing stakeholder expectations. It is about understanding the importance of human capital in scripting the success story of your organisation and ensuring that you hire the best team to put your business on the growth trajectory.

    Search Partners is a Bangalore based Boutique recruitment firm that helps organisations and business leaders meet the challenges of building the perfect workforce by sourcing highly effective leadership teams and building a strong future talent pipeline.

  • Executive Search

    Sourcing, evaluating and selecting the top candidates are an essential feature of an organisation’s hiring strategy.

    At Search Partners, we have the proven experience and expertise in conducting recruitment for executive and senior management roles in a range of industries. Our approach is comprehensive, and we liaise with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process to ensure a seamless hiring experience for our clients.

  • Executive Assessment

    Guided by your candidate requirements, we will create a candidate profile for you and seek for potential candidates from our vast network.

    As part of our executive assessment services, Search Partners will identify and critically evaluate the most promising candidates, brief them on your organisational culture, prepping them on interview protocols and train them with the required soft skills, thus helping to expedite and streamline the hiring process for you.

    Once you have shortlisted candidate, we will support you in the onboarding process by helping in salary negotiations and completing the candidate reference check. Additionally, we also personally guide the new employees during the first three months of the probation period to ensure that they are able to seamlessly fit into your corporate culture.

  • CEO Search

    Our CEO search competences meet an extensive range of client’s needs, covering industries and specialised requirements, as well as geographic locations. The evaluation of candidates is integral to the process. We spend time understanding your organisation, your strategy and the complex issues you face every day. We offer an integrated service, from the acquisition of talent leading to understanding the organisation dynamics, and culture shaping. Over the years, our team has developed a deep understanding of the ever-transforming nature of leadership across industries, sectors and regions. This knowledge combined with our assessment methodology which makes us uniquely qualified to advise and support you in your CEO search.

  • SME

    Small and Medium companies are said to be the engine-room of the economy. However, for them to reach their full potential it is essential that they hire the right talent.

    At Search Partners, we are equipped to conduct SME searches across various industries and guide you in recognising and hiring the ‘right’ talent. We invest executive time and effort in understanding our client’s business goals to create a brand that reflects our client’s vision and aligns candidate’s career expectation.

    Our team is part of the hiring process – right from the interview panel to benchmark salary expectation that will attract potential employees. We also help the candidate to join the organisation and hand hold him to fit in culturally.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    As recruitment partners, we are committed to supporting our clients in achieving a diverse and inclusive work force where all employees feel valued, respected and where their potential is nurtured irrespective of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and age. A diverse workforce not only attracts a broader talent pool, but it also has many bottom line benefits,

    At Search Partners, we have a deep personal appreciation for the value of diversity and are dedicated to working with our clients to build their global and local talent capabilities. We view diversity as an essential adaptation to today’s dynamic markets as well as a key to enhanced innovation, creativity, and growth,

    Our services include helping clients to formulate policies to attract diverse candidates and take a more active role in helping them adjust to the culture at work as well as in their new work place.