Executive Search

With the ever-changing work environment, traditional functional leadership roles are evolving as businesses seek more specific and bespoke capabilities. Organizations need functional excellence to define and achieve best practices to boost their performance in the long term.

We understand individual needs of our clients, identify and hire the finest candidates who can integrate mono-functional and cross-functional excellence in the organization and become strategic partners and advisors to the CEO or Business Head.

Sourcing, evaluating and selecting top candidates are essential features of an organization’s hiring strategy. At Search Partners, we have the proven experience and expertise in conducting recruitment for executive and senior management roles in a range of industries. Our approach is comprehensive, and we liaise with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process to ensure seamless hiring experience for our clients.

Our Process


Talent Brief

We begin by fully understanding the needs of the company and challenges of the current position.

Guided by your talent requirements, a position description (or candidate profile) is crafted to include all the determined performance requirements.


Identify and

We seek out potential candidates through our vast network of contacts. Our team follows a strict protocol in maintaining confidentiality of the position that’s open.

We evaluate prospective candidates against established criteria, check references to verify responsibilities, skills, and past performance and pick the most promising ones.



We brief shortlisted candidates about the role and your organization’s culture.

We also further prep them on interview protocols and train them with the required soft skills, thus accelerating and streamlining the hiring process for you.



Once you have chosen a candidate, we will extend our support with the onboarding process if required on salary negotiations and the candidate’s reference check.

Additionally, we also personally guide new employees during the first three months of the probation period to ensure that they are able to seamlessly fit into your corporate culture.


Diversity and

At Search Partners, we have a deep personal appreciation for the value of diversity and are dedicated to working with our clients to build their global and local talent capabilities.

We help clients formulate policies to attract diverse candidates and take a more active role in helping them adjust to the culture at work as well as in their new work place.

Functional Practices

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CTO / CIO
  • CMO
  • Head of Sales / Marketing / Projects / IT / Communication / Legal
  • HR Head