With the ever-changing work environment, traditional functional leadership roles are evolving as businesses seek more specific and bespoke capabilities. Organisations need functional excellence to define and achieve best practices thereby boosting their performance in the long term.

    Our specialised consultants help clients identify and hire functional heads who can integrate mono-functional and cross-functional excellence in the organisation and become strategic partners and advisors to the CEO or Business head.

  • Human Resources

    Today, companies across the work have realised that their workforce is their greatest competitive advantage. There is an increasingly fierce competition for Human Resources talent especially as organisations realise the transformative power the of a strong HR team. HR professionals play a pivotal role in establishing organizational culture and creating an environment that nurtures professionals to do their best and experience personal and corporate success.

    Search Partner’s HR practice guides clients in building a strategic HR team that contributes to the development and accomplishment of the company goals.

  • Information Technology | Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    Converging technologies and new digital innovations have shaped the opportunities and challenges facing companies. Today the need of the hour for forward-thinking companies is an experience motivated leader with an insatiable appetite for technological innovation that can successfully drive the growth of the company

    Our expert IT practices at Search Partners will help you find the IT leaders who understand technology, its application, and can translate their various technology skills into valuable business solutions

  • Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Professionals

    Legal expertise is a highly sought-after skill for law firms as well as for in-house functions.

    At Search Partners, we understand the specialized skills needed for various aspects of a legal, regulatory and compliance team. We work with our recruitment experts we are able to deliver a range of manpower solutions for the legal firms and corporates across all levels of seniority.

  • Chief Marketing Officers

    A successful company needs to build brand awareness and to differentiate products and services in a competitive consumer market. Today marketing is not only restricted to print but there are many specialities such as digital advertising, social media and multicultural marketing. Companies need sound marketing professionals who are equipped to deal with the growing challenges of this dynamic practice

    At Search Partners, we have our pulse on the marketing industry. This makes us uniquely positioned to meet our clients’ needs and help them recruit proven chief marketing officers who can help organizations build brands and effective communication strategies.

  • Operations | COO

    The COO – Chief operating officer holds one of the highest ranks in an organization's senior management, monitoring the daily operations of the company. The COO is responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that there is proper management of resources, efficient distribution of goods and services, and extensive analysis of systems.

    Search Partners works with companies across verticals to help them recruit COO’s with a demonstrated ability to execute long-term plans and short-term objectives by implementing judgement, vision, management, and leadership.

  • Communications and PR

    Communications and public relations professionals in an organisation have the responsibility of creating and maintaining a positive relationship between clients and various stakeholders. PR & communication professionals work in jobs across a wide range of industries using the growing influence of traditional media and new age media to maximise client reputation through coverage

    With our vast experience in attracting and hiring the right candidate, we have a track record in identifying effective PR and corporate communication professionals who help organizations build brands & effective communication strategies.

  • Sales and Business Development

    The sales and business development function in an organisation is a pivotal one as it involves driving sales activities and the acquisition of new business. It is therefore important to hire a sales and business development team that can function under the pressure of targets.

    With markets becoming increasingly competitive, we at Search partners are able to help your recruit commercially minded sales professionals with experience executing sales strategies, initiate client contact and recognising potential opportunities for your business to grow.